Pregnancy Peculiararities

1. I must have felt nauseous the day my new gray purse arrived. It's really cute but I have a gag reflex every time I look at it.

2. My top cravings are celery, potatoes, hot dogs, and twizzlers. None of which are diet staples for me.

3. Last pregnancy, my hair grew in straighter and shinier. This time, it's a frizzy, kinky-curled mess.

4. Pregnancy dreams are no myth. I have a strange one at least 3x/week. They're so weird, I don't share them with anyone!

5. My left eye has been twitching for days. Just so you know that when you're talking to me, I'm not winking at you. Although I do think you're cute. ;)

6. Last pregnancy, I was sentimental and emotional. This time around, I'm moody and mean. God bless my children who are enduring it all!

7. I don't want to find out the sex of the baby. This is SO NOT my personality! My friends think I'm going crazy because they know me better.

8. The smell of fresh-scented garbage bags makes me most nauseated. Good excuse for not taking out the trash and leaving it to my hubby!

9. I burp. A lot.

10. Instead of hot flashes, I am cold and shivering much of the time. (I know what you're thinking... "go put more clothes on woman!")

Would love to hear your strangest pregnancy stories!! Maybe they'll make me feel normal. :)


Laura Gail said...

Kelley - your number 1 is hilarious! When I was pregnant with Samuel I couldn't stand the smell of our cabinets - the inside of the kitchen and bathroom ones. So I would hold my breath every time I had to open one. This pregnancy Samuel's lunch makes me naseous which is most inconvenient and someone else always has to fee him. The smell of his chicken nuggets being warmed up in the microwave sends me over the edge. My number one craving is popsicles.

Julie said...

When I was pregnant with the first of my 3 daughters, I was nauseous for the first 7 months of the pregnancy. Meat was the main offender -- I became a vegetarian!! I couldn't even be around someone eating meat. I survived on toasted cheese sandwiches and popsicles.

Kristi said...

1st pg I felt great - so great that I gained 67 lbs. I developed a huge craving for McD's fish sandwich (nothing I would ever eat before or ever again) 2nd pg I was nauseous for 8 months (he was born almost a month early) - every time I ate anything with tomatoes in it I would get VERY sick to my stomach. Once my 2nd was born, if I ate anything with tomatoes, he would projectile vomit - he's 10 now & the boys favorite snack is a whole container of grape tomatoes.

Cheri said...

You sound so normal! I only wanted to eat macaroni and cheese, thus the 175 pounds at delivery.

Brittany said...

Don't find out :))) Luke was the best surprise on his birthday !! There is nothing like it ever.... Hearing. "it's a ----!" the same moment u see their face is indescribable.

Natalie said...

i hated/hate those trash bags too!!!

i am so so excited for you and all the FABULOUS plans God has for your family.

you have already had such an amazing ride, i cant wait to see whats next!
give that belly a pat for me :)


Love for Lilly Yin said...

First time I was so so sick, but I wanted McDonals frequently. Most of the time I puked before I we left.
Second time, I opened the cabinet and saw a can of Tuna, that did it. From then on I could not even look at a can of tuna. Seriously, my husband had to walk ahead of the grocery buggy on tuna look out. I craved hot dogs with my son. Not sure if its because he was a male, LOL Maybe its a boy

The Mom said...

Of course my pregnancies were eons ago, but there are some things that never fade with time. I abhorred the smell of the hand soap in McDonald's or any public restroom. I could not even walk in them without gagging. It posed some difficulty when travelling. The smell of coffee and bacon and eggs sent me to the bathroom numerous times. I eventually avoided breakfast and ate weird foods at odd times. And with my first child, I hated all forms of chocolate and craved bananas and peanut butter. I also had scary dreams and woke my husband up a couple of times telling him that there was someone in the house. After the second or third night that he had searched the house, he just patted me and told me to go back to sleep. Hard to believe that I spent three years of my life pregnant, but I am thankful now for my four wonderful adult children! Praying for you!

Eleanor said...

I couldn't stand the smell of coffee and most especially of laundry detergent! Before I realized my aversion to scented laundry detergent, I was wearing perfectly clean clothes, but had to take them off and rewash them in unscented detergent! Even though my daughter is 3 months old, I still can't stand the smell of detergent!

Michelle said...

My pregnancy brain is making me crazy. The other day I looked for my car keys for 15 minutes before leaving for work. Turns out I left them in the back of the car the night before when I was loading some stuff in there. My kids at school have to be wondering what is wrong with me. Just today, I was thinking about how kind employers are to let pregnancy-brained women continue to work! :)

Jake, Charissa and Abigail said...

Kelley- try eating some tums each day for extra calcium, it helped my eye twitches go away! I looked at my prenatal and it didn't have any calcium in it, can you believe it? I also had to double up my iron because it plummeted.

Katie said...

I wanted to drink Pine Sol... a lot. Copious amounts. Both pregnancies. Although I never did, I seriously thought about it

Ashley said...

so funny....the "smell good" garbage bags were my worst nightmare too!!!!! it took me a little while to realize what was making me so nauseas everytime i threw something in the garbage! ha! I hope the nausea goes away soon!

Kelley Brown said...

These are so great!! Thanks for sharing. :) I forgot that I've been craving McDonald's cheeseburgers...several of you mentioned McD's.

Michelle...my pregnancy brain is horrible! I blank on words all the time. Yesterday, I called dumdums "dumbells" and "dumsuckers" before I remembered the actual name of those lollipops. :) And congrats!!! I didn't know you're expecting!! I have to see you and your pregnant belly soon. :)

Charissa, thanks for the tips on the tums!!