Two Birthday Parties in 1 Day = One Tired Momma

Because both Grace's and Caroline's birthdays are next week, I thought it would be a wonderful idea to just have both of their parties on the same day since my mom was going to be in town for the littles' Thanksgiving program. And because next weekend, people will still be out of town. And then it's December which is full of holiday events. But really....WHAT was I thinking??? :)

But both parties went well and my girls had a blast. I'll post pics in the next few minutes. Now I can hopefully finish and upload Caroline's video tomorrow.

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Jen said...

I did this one year for my two boys who's birthdays
Are five days apart. We rented a bounce house
But the problem was everyone from the first
Party stayed for the second party too. I didn't have
Enough party favors. Love the candyland idea!