Chi O Mansion Reunion

(I am behind on posting because I am having problems uploading pictures...so I stole these pics and even the actual text from my dear friend Kristy.) :)

Circa 2000: Chi Omega Bid Day {Top--Mary Cook, Kelley Brown, Amy Kyle, Kimper Cannon, Christi Ikerd; Bottom: Rebekah Wright, Melissa Jackson, Kristy Dean, Sarah Stone}Present Day Momma Hoots: {Back Row: Amy Kyle Stapler, Kristy Dean Crawford, Kelley Brown Brown, Christi Ikerd Green, Sarah Stone Armstrong; Front Row: Eli Stapler, Addison Crawford, Carter Brown, Bennett Green, Braden Green, Turner Armstrong}It's been 8 years since we moved out of the Chi Omega mansion, but it was refreshing to pick up so effortlessly with these girls and their kiddos. We all got together at my house and enjoyed catching up. Missing from this picture is Caroline Stapler, who was napping. Missing roommates from our gathering were Melissa and her two, Rebekah and her two, and Kimper and Mary.

Hope to see you girls and your beautiful children again soon! Love to you!

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Peter Pan Finds his Shadow

(I love how you can see his curls in the shadow!)

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Can I have some Ketchup with that?

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacktime...any time is a good time for ketchup, according to Carter. He likes to dip everything in it, from hot dogs to grapes to crackers. And not a trace of it goes unlicked.

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Fourth of July: Food, Family, Fun, and Freedom

I am so late on sharing these pics from Fourth of July weekend, but they were too cute to go unposted. We spent the weekend at my parents' lakehouse at Lake Martin. My mom's brother and his family own the two houses next to us, so our extended family is able to all get together and spread out at the same time. It's always so much fun, and it was especially great watching Carter with his older cousins (2nd cousins). They were so attentive to him, and he loved following after them and trying to play along with the big kids. Here are a few shots from the weekend...My mom has many old toys of Courtney's and mine from our childhood. This little plastic milk container continues to be Carter's favorite every time we go to the lake. He even takes it to bed with him.One of my favorite snapshots from the weekend. My uncle and aunt's house has a shallow area with a built-in beach. It's great for Carter to wade in and float around in, and I don't have to worry about him falling into deep water. (notice the milk container still in his hand)Nothing like relaxing in the "mammock" at the lake. (His word)Playing in his pool. And yes, that's my old kitchen set in the corner. :)Carter loves for my mom to push him in the swing on the bottom deck and sing to him. After each song ends, he says (and signs) "more more!" And if he isn't crazy about a certain song, he'll say "more" before it's over. Then my mom knows to move on to the next song.
Jackson enjoying a boat ride. He loves the freedom he has at the lake to run around!Carter fell asleep after a long day in the sun. And who can move around much in that life jacket anyway?Carter and mommyEnjoying the view and beautiful weather with daddy
Me, my mom, and Courtney
Daddy and his girlsCarter in his "lake camoflauge," as his Uncle Ivan called it. :) (Speaking of Ivan, how did he manage to escape all pictures again???)
The kids put on a July 4th Parade!

Mary Katherine showed us her baton-twirling skills.Cece waved her flag.Graham had us laughing.
Hunter organized the parade and declared Carter and Cece "King" and "Queen" of the event. :) Tate had the challenging responsibility of holding Carter's hand and keeping him on the boardwalk.Carter and Daddy strolled the boardwalk before to practice for the parade. Watching, in awe of, of the older kids.
Alex is the oldest of four, and his experience as a big brother is so evident in how he handles and tends to Carter. He (and all the kids) were so helpful and loved entertaining our little man.
Tate and Alex
Carter and Cece will be in the same grade. Poor girl...with three older brothers and a boy cousin looking after her, the boys in her grade may never come near her. :)

Carter's new face...scrunching everything up. I actually do this when I'm being silly (and whiny), so we're not sure if he caught me doing it and is now copying, or if it's an inherited trait. :)

Good times, good memories!

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