Happy 9 Months, Carter!

Dear Carter,

Another month gone by! Each day, you look less and less like a baby, and more and more like a boy! Here are some highlights from your ninth month...
Long, Lean Crawling Machine
Today we saw Dr. Doyle for your 9-month check up. You weigh 21 lbs (60th percentile) and measure 30 1/4 inches (95th percentile). Dr. Doyle said you are almost off the chart in length! (Wonder where you get that from???) :)
You have lost most of your adorable rolls from your superfast crawling. Many people have commented on how active you are. I thought it was just because you're a boy, but apparently I should have seen your constant movement in the womb as a warning of what was to come! You are standing by yourself for small periods of time now and have ventured to take a step a few times. In the last week, you've started cruising around furniture and flash your grin of accomplishment when you move from one thing to another without having to sit down. But I still think it will be another month or so before you really start walking.Umm...Yummy!
You've tried a few new table foods....bananas, avocados, turkey, ham, cheese, and yogurt. Unfortunately, you are still allergic to dairy products, so the cheese and yogurt samplings didn't end up too well. When I see the rash begin to spread, I know to run and change into "old" clothes! Getting thrown up on is becoming a weekly, if not daily, occurrence! While MaMa was visiting today, we asked her to whip up her famous scrambled eggs for your first taste. Her eggs are the best! We think you liked them! You now prefer to feed your bottle to yourself. This has been great, as it gives me ten more minutes, 4x a day, when I can run around and do a few things knowing that you're staying in one place. :)

All I Want for Christmas...
...is my two front teeth. Well, you got your present early. Both upper teeth have come in, and it looks like another one on the bottom is trying to cut through. Gnawing on Mommy's fingers is no longer an option now. You've got a strong bite!

You're favorite DVD is now Baby Einstein Baby's First Signs. You learned how to knock over a stack of blocks (why did I think that was a good skill to teach you??). You still love your activity table and the learn-n-play house. Your new favorite song is "The Wheels on the Bus," and that's our best tactic for getting you to be still or quiet when you begin to fuss. You like it best when Grand Mary sings it to you because she actually remembers the right words. Not to mention, she does arm motions too!

Look Out World, Here I Come!
As you are discovering your independence, you find no joy in having your diaper changed or being dressed. In fact, you've turned these seemingly simple tasks into wrestling matches which sometimes evolve into crying fits. Daddy and I started popping you on the leg when you would do this, and this past week has brought much improvement! I read that babies can learn authority and obedience around this age, and the author is right! You love to explore, opening drawers and cabinets doors, feeling textures (with your fingers AND your mouth!). I have had to start teaching you "No" so that you don't hurt yourself. It's now catching on. The other night, after I said "no" very firmly, you threw your head down and cried. I thought you were throwing a fit while Grand Mary thought you were embarrassed. Either way, it was really cute. We couldn't stop laughing. And I was just thrilled that you obeyed me! I don't want to squelch your desire to explore, but I have to set some boundaries. I have to admit...this motherhood role is becoming more challenging.

And Your First Word Is....DRUM ROLL PLEASE.....
Jackson! It actually sounds more like "JACK-shun!" Sometimes, you just shorten it to "Jack." We can't really count it until it becomes clearer. But you definitely sound like you're saying his name whenever you see him. He is now the first "being" you want to see when you wake up. Your daddy and I thinks it's cute but also hope we'll once more become the most treasured objects of your affection sometime in the near future.
Jackson may not be warming up to you yet, but we believe one day you'll be best buddies. He did try to play fetch with you this week, so we'll work on your throw. :) We all miss sweet Sadie, but she's in a wonderful and loving home where she doesn't have to worry about getting hurt by innocent acts of toddler love and play. Here's a picture of her last morning with us. You had quite a grip (actually, two grips!) on her, but she was so patient and sweet.
Carter, this month has been the most challenging month so far. As I try to learn the best way to teach discipline and obedience, as I struggle to know which foods to try that won't make you sick, as I become frustrated and exhausted when I keep having to move you back to your toys, as I struggle to find time for myself, I continue to remind myself how lucky and blessed I am to have you. Your daddy and I prayed fervently for a child, and there's not a day that goes by that we don't experience at least one moment of pure joy and gratitude at the sight of your smile. We love you so much! Happy 9 months, my dear son!


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The Pumpkin Patch

Last Saturday, we went out to the Pumpkin Patch at Shadowlake with some couples in our church community group. It was beautiful weather, and Carter loved the pumpkins! He wore his newly smocked outfit from his Aunt JuJu to make the autumn day complete. Here are a few snapshots from the patch.

Hey Mom! Look here...I found one!

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The Relation of a Crawling Child to Blogging...

the more he crawls, the less I blog.

It's increasingly difficult to find time to blog when my little man is getting into everything. Also, over the last two weeks, we put our house on the market (which involved much-needed cleaning out of closets), celebrated our third wedding anniversary, prepared for my first speaking engagement in a long time (that happened yesterday, so now I can breathe), and have labored over the decision of whether to give away our two precious dogs. (still undecided)

If anyone still reads these posts, thanks for sticking with me! :) I'll try to be more consistent this month.

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