Somebody turned TWO!!!

That's right! Our baby girl turned two years old on Thanksgiving Day! We were at the lake with family, so we celebrated there and then had a small birthday party when we got home that Sunday. I think Grace's favorite part was blowing out the candle.
She had me relight it several times so she could blow it out over and over again.
Her party had a Kai-Lan theme, and I have to thank my sister for sending me a link months ago with ideas for it. We had little fortune cookies for the guests...
Kai-Lan party blowers...
a Happy Birthday banner I ordered from Etsy....
Chinese lanterns...

and of course, lots of gifts.
Grace actually discovered her baby stroller when she woke up from her nap before the party. This has been, by far, her favorite present. She will literally make laps throughout our house for 30 minutes at a time while she pushes her baby doll.

Grace had a blast celebrating with cousin Cece, and friends Lia Kate and Hannah Grace.
Lia Kate came home from China last year on New Year's Day. Emily and I can hardly believe our daughters are really home with us now!
Cece loved modeling the Chinese dresses I had for the girls. (We bought a bunch of the traditional dresses in different sizes while we were in Guangzhou.)
Carter even dressed up himself, and thought he was pretty cool. He ran through the family room doing karate chops and kicks. :)
He also loved playing with his cousin Graham.
Grace ended up getting overstimulated by the attention and gifts. She decided she just wanted to play with the first few gifts received. So Carter (eagerly) pitched in to help me unwrap the rest of the presents.

So now, until January 29th, 2011...I have TWO 2-year-olds. :) I know that down the road, I'm going to really wish I could revisit these days.

Happy 2nd Birthday Grace!!