From My Turkeys to Yours...

Happy Thanksgiving!!
My mom's side of the family was at the lake yesterday. And maintaining tradition from years past, the youngest kiddos presented a show (with the help and direction of my super talented cousin, Ashley).
"Two cute turkeys are we...."
"We slept all night in a tree."
"When the cooks came around, we couldn't be found."
"And that's how we're here you see!"
Carter and Grace performing with my cousin's kids, Cece and Graham.

Wishing you a joyful, relaxing, and reflective Thanksgiving holiday!


Caroline LiYun's Adoption Video

It's done!! Here is the link to Vimeo if you want to watch the video on a larger scale.

You can also click on the 4 arrows button above to take the video fullscreen. However, it gets fuzzy since I didn't upload it in HD.

Caroline's 13th bday party!

Our 2nd party yesterday (see previous 2 posts for details) was Caroline's celebration of her 13th birthday. We invited the girls in her school class and a few other friends. Since I knew they wouldn't be able to converse much, we held the party at a local Sips n Strokes. Caroline selected a dandelion painting, and the instructor guided them through the painting process. I had forgotten how rowdy and hyper a group of 10 to 12-year-old girls can be in a large group!! But they had a great time. Since Caroline isn't affectionate with us at home (only with the littles), it was neat to see her walk forward and greet each friend with a smile and hug. She seems to have that gift for making every person feel so important and welcome.


Grace's Sweet Shoppe in Candyland

Sweet Grace is turning 3 next week!!

This awesome mural was painted by my friend's MIL last year when she threw a Candyland party for her twin girls. I was thrilled she let us borrow it!

The kids decorated gingerbread men. This was Grace's finished work.

My MIL made one of these candy decorative trees for every child!

The Candy Buffet