Happy 10 Months, Carter!

Dear Carter,

As you can tell from the picture above, you've officially outgrown your bear in size. I can't believe how big you are! You're practically half my height already!Over the last month, you've become much more attached to your daddy.
And you love when he tickles you!
When he leaves for work each morning, he always says, "Learn a lot, grow a little!" (I told him he might regret this one day because 3-feet-tall geniuses aren't always very popular.) :)You're still taking four bottles a day, always feeding yourself (of course). Next month, you'll switch from formula to soy milk.
Your baby blues have kept their hue! Will they turn green like Gram Me's, or stay blue like Papa's?
Your latest trick is playing "How big is Carter?"..... "SO BIG!!!" You also enjoy taking your socks off, holding one in each hand, and sliding around the hardwood floors like you're skating, never picking up your hands while your legs swish forward.

We did a lot of traveling this month and got to see family who live out of town. Uncle Stuart was so excited to see you when we were in Kentucky for Kathy's wedding! In this picture, you're wearing the party outfit that Aunt JuJu smocked for you. We were celebrating Granddad's birthday after the reception.
GrandMary came to visit from North Carolina. She kept trying to teach you to patty cake, and you finally picked up on the clapping. Now you're a pro!
You are getting much better at playing with your toys for longer periods of time. You still love the grocery pushcart because it helps you practice walking.
In addition to KY, we went to Fairhope and stayed with Mama. We bundled you up and walked the streets downtown.
You experienced several holidays for your first time. You were a big hit as a scarecrow for Halloween, and you had a great time in Cary, North Caroline for Thanksgiving. The 11-hour drive was challenging, but you did great. And it helped that you were riding in your new carseat which offers more room.

This month also included your first trip to the ER. Around 10 pm one night, you woke up crying and coughing with a bark-like sound. We knew immediately it was croup. An hour later, you began having trouble breathing. After a call to the nurse, we were told to take you to the ER at Children's Hospital. Of course, by the time we got there, you were fine. :) The cold air had helped your lungs and throat relax. But the doctor gave you a steroid to help with the inflammation, and you improved after a few days.
It's hard to believe that this time last year, I was waddling around with an active, kicking baby squirming in my tummy! It's also hard to believe that you're already 10 months. My little man is growing up. We love you and can't wait to see all that you learn this next month!

Happy 10 months, Carter!


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Nine Month Photos

My friend Charissa Hanson is starting up her photography business-- Studio H Photography. We went out to Aldridge Gardens to capture some shots of Carter at nine months. We hadn't had any professional pictures taken since he was 2 weeks old!

Charissa got some really great shots, but I don't think Carter is cut out for a modeling career. While he's always fighting for me to put him down so he can explore and prefers to stand rather than sit, he decided on this late afternoon that he wanted to be held. No buts about it. Here are just a few other things that happened just minutes into the session:

1) One of his buttons across the top fell off and slipped down through the cracks of the bridge. This was the first time he'd worn the outfit! Sweet Charissa photoshopped it back in so you can't even tell.

2) In trying to capture a picture by the lake, I would set him down and jump a few feet away to stay out of the frame. About the fifth or sixth time, as I jumped away, he fell over backwards and rolled down the slight incline onto a rock!! He was scared but okay. I was definitely shaken. I remember looking backwards and thinking he was going to continue rolling off the rock into the water! Lesson learned.

3) He tried to eat the grass. I think I pulled grass out of his mouth and wiped snot from his runny nose the entire time. My pants went straight into the wash when we got home!

Here are a few of our favorite pictures... you can find more on Charissa's website:

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