Happy Easter!

Listening intently to Daddy reading the story of Christ's death on the cross and His resurrection.

Daddy and Carter
Mommy and Carter

The Easter bunny brought several swimsuits for upcoming trips to Lake Martin and a book "What is Easter?"

His hair still looks dark brown from the back, but it really looks blonde now from the front!

Our first Sunday back to church...Carter did really well and seemed to enjoy the praise music.

Bathtime and bunnies....

My Baby's First Easter pjs....
...complete with rabbit feet.

The Lord is risen indeed. Hallelujah!

Happy Easter to all of you!
Love, Scott, Kelley & Carter

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Melissa said...

I just discovered your blog! It's so fun to look at pictures of Carter...what a cutie!

And, we have that exact same chair in our nursery. At least I am pretty sure it's the same. I can't tell if your's is yellow or cream. Ours' is cream...I love it!