Fill in the Blanks

My friend Kristy tagged me on this one. It's taken me a while to fill it out because I thought her answers were so good that I struggled to come up with my own!

* Maybe I should... stop rushing through each day to get stuff done and just enjoy the moment.
* I love the smell of... honeysuckle, baby lotion, Scott's aftershave, almond extract
* People would say that I... talk faster than anyone they know.
* I don’t understand why... some of the strongest Christians I know seemingly end up suffering the most.
* When I wake up in the morning... it's to the sounds of Carter's voice coming from the baby monitor, and it's typically earlier than I would like. Once I get him from his nursery, I like to drink my coffee while sitting in bed and playing with him.
* I lost my will power to.. give up caffeine.
* Life is wonderful with... faith in Jesus Christ. I didn't begin a relationship with Him until my senior year of high school, so I clearly recall life before embracing my Christian faith. I can't imagine living life now without hope for the future, confidence in a loving and sovereign God, and assurance of eternal life.
* My past made me... self-conscious about my looks but more confident in who I am as a person. My past mistakes are a driving factor in my desire to minister to teenage girls and young women.
* I get annoyed when... I am stuck in traffic.
* Parties are not... fun when I don't know anyone. I like to think I am outgoing, but I realize that's only when I know people there and I'm in my comfort zone.
* Dogs are... loyal companions. They can cause some trouble, but at the end of day, they make you smile and feel loved.
* Cats…should avoid me at all costs. I am not a cat lover.
* Tomorrow I am going to…make a list of goals for the summer... books to read, movies to see, smocking to learn, articles to write, meals to try, etc.
* I have a low tolerance for... arrogance.
* I'm totally terrified of... becoming a widow at a young age. This has been a fear for years, and I am not sure where it stems from.
* I wonder why I thought my life would be... predictable. (ditto, Kristy)
* Never in my life... have I been so content.
* High school was something that... seems very broken up - I spent the the first two years in Sparta, NJ, and the last two years in Alpharetta, GA. So, high school doesn't seem like a coherent experience.
* When I'm nervous... I get an upset stomach.
* Take my advice... wear sunscreen.
* Making my bed is…a daily ritual.
* I'm almost always... in a good mood.
* I'm addicted to…caffeine, reading blogs, and the new Leona Lewis song "Bleeding Love"
* I want someone… to be touched by my writings.

I tag Amber, Joy, and Emily C.

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