A Day at the Park

It was Carter's first time down a slide, and he LOVED it. Talk about an adrenaline rush. The kid did this over and over again for at least 45 minutes. :)
Down the slide with sippy cup in tow. (You never know when you might get thirsty.)

Is it just me, or does he not look like a baby anymore?? Where did this LITTLE BOY come from?

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Brittany said...

He IS looking like a little boy! Where did our babies go? SO CUTE! :) Aren't these beautiful days wonderful...great days for walks and trips to the park!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Did I ever mention that my Dad went to Samford for Pharmacy School, and we always travel through there on the way to Florida and "reminisce" about his college days! Funny, huh?

The Hamiltons said...

Love him! He looks just like his mommy

Jimbo and Hayley said...

He does look like such a big boy...but too cute! We'll have to take the boys to the park together!

Katie said...

You are so right: all of a sudden, they are little boys! It seemed like at 13 months, Noah was all of a sudden a little man. Carter is adorable!