At six a.m., I jumped out of bed and ran to the windows. The forecast had predicted snow, but Birmingham hasn't received a good snowfall in years. So many people were skeptical about the outcome. I, on the other hand, was very hopeful. :)

I squealed with delight at the snow covered scene before my eyes!! Growing up in NJ, I desperately miss the snowy winters that I grew up experiencing. All I ask for is one good snowfall a year. :) Unfortunately, it seemed Birmingham had been on a snow strike for as along as I've lived here!

But today broke the snowless streak! YAY! It snowed for most of the morning, and we ended up getting 3". My only disappointment was that it had nearly all melted away by late afternoon. Here are some pictures of Carter's first snow.Carter LOVED going outside to watch the snowflakes fall. He wasn't much into playing in it. Though he did pick up a few handfuls of snow. Every time we brought him inside, he fussed to go back out. After his nap, he even found his coat and brought it to me to put on him. He walked around in it for an hour. :)
Stylin' with his puffy coat, pajama pants, and paci.

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The Hamiltons said...

So cute! Good thing you're not up North anymore...little Carter would get lost in all the snow we are expecting by tomorrow am. Yippee that we have a new snowblower to put to use. Hope you are well!

Katy Agnew said...

Kelley, Carter is so precious in these pictures!! We got a little snow here last night but nothing like what y'all did! I was so excited... Hope y'all are doing well!

Shannon and Clint said...

Great new pics! I love the pajama and coat look :)

Emily Chappell said...

precious, precious, precious.

We got NOTHING here. I am so jealous.