Two Little Turkeys

Last Friday, Carter made his stage debut in his school's Thanksgiving show. The K2's were turkeys and sang three songs. While Carter would sing his songs around the house for weeks before the show, I don't think he opened his mouth the whole time while performing. However, he DID flap his turkey wings, smile big at Scott and me, and seem to enjoy the whole experience. With him being so shy, we weren't even sure whether he'd stand up there or look at the crowd. :)
This picture is so blurry, but I just love his sweet expression!
The parents went back to the kids' classrooms after the performance for some snacks and treats.
After school, I let the kids play on the playground for a while. Here are some candids I caught.

Carter was helping Grace down the kiddie slide. Mind you, she climbs up and fearlessly slides down the really BIG slides, but Carter enjoys playing the "big brother" role.
Grace says, "Thank you, guh-guh!" and gives him a big hug.

Grace singing....she totally makes up words and melodies, but they sound real. :)

Carter is really getting into using his imagination. Here they were pretending that a "big scary monster" was coming. Carter added that it was a "big crocodile!"

From our turkeys to you and yours, we wish you a wonderful and meaningful Thanksgiving!

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Blessed Family said...

Kelley love your blog and your kids are just ADORABLE! Hopefully we can become "Nanning" to be friends, lol... I hope this wait goes by fast for both of us.