Visiting Grand Mary and Papa

Grand Mary and Papa...I'm HERE!!!!! Actually, Grand Mary (or "Nannae" as I say it) met us at the airport. She even had a brand new carseat for me in her Jeep!

Here I am in Cary, North Carolina!
On Saturday, we went to Papa's book signing and discussion at this cute little bookstore in Fearrington Village. My mom loves little independent bookstores like these. She says they have so much character.
Grand Mary pushed me around outside while my Momma went inside to hear Papa talk about his suspense novel Sonnets.
Papa was one of five authors who talked about their mystery books. I made sure to make a grand entrance as the discussion panel was ending. I wanted to see Papa in action!
Papa, Momma, and me
Grand Mary bought me some new pjs at Target. These have my name on them... Little Monkey.
Trying to fill Papa's shoes. I guess I've got a long way to go!
Momma and I rode a really old carousel at Pullen Park in Raleigh. It went really fast! Momma got motion sickness and had to hold on tight to me so she wouldn't fall down. I took good care of her.
Then we went on a train ride around the park! There is a lake, and a playground, and bumper boats too!
I'm pondering a career as an astronaut.
Papa let me sit in his lap at breakfast one morning!
And he took us to Red Robin for dinner one night. They are supposed to have GREAT burgers! It's sad I am allergic to beef. But I sure did love my fries and ketchup!
Mommy says I'm such a boy...you know, opening my mouth with food still in it.
This is what happens to my hair on cooler, non-humid days...my curls straighten out. Mommy said she didn't recognize me. Maybe this could be the altering trait for a new superhero. It's not as cool as glasses, but it seemed to do the trick.
Grand Mary found me a John Deere tractor toy at a consignment shop! I had so much fun visiting my grandparents...I can't wait to go back. (Mommy, on the other hand, says she can. Unless someone flies with us next time.)

Thanks Grand Mary and Papa!! I love you!

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