Update on Caroline!

Thursday was Moving Day, and it was one of the most exhausting days I can remember. But in the midst of upheaval and craziness, we got an incredible surprise: new pictures and VIDEO of Caroline!!! For the sake of her privacy, I will not post the videos here. However, I have posted a few pictures as well as the translations of the video conversations.
The videos appear to have been filmed on October 13th, just a day after we received pre-approval to adopt her. So we can't believe that she was told the news so soon! She would have received pictures of us, a letter, and a care package from us a few days after the video was filmed.
Many of the pictures are candid, so you don't get to see Caroline's beautiful smile that appears in the videos. She seems to be a little shy and has such a sweet and gentle spirit.

(As a reminder, I am not allowed to mention Caroline's Chinese name on the blog, so while she may keep her name, we have to call her Caroline for now.)

In the first video, we learned that Caroline loves to play badminton, and her favorite color is purple. She is in the 6th grade, and her favorite subject is literature. She said her English may not be very good at first, and if we would please be patient with her. Her foster mom pipes in and says how excited Caroline is to be going to America. Caroline also says that she is excited to have a new mom and dad.

Paraphrase of 2nd Video with Foster Mom speaking:
She said she did not want her to go, but was not capable of taking care of her. "Caroline" loves her step-sister very much. They love each other so much. She understands that it is the best thing ever happened to "Caroline". She wish her well. Hard to let her go....

We are more anxious than ever to get our dossier to China so that we can officially begin the wait for LOA and Travel Approval. We are still waiting on approval from the USCIS.

In other news, we are settled into the poolhouse until next Friday when we can move into our new home. Our first night here, Grace had a very difficult time. She woke up screaming and crying around midnight and did not stop for 30 minutes. She backed herself into a corner of the room and screamed "NO mommy!" or "NO daddy" if we took any steps toward her. We asked her if she was mad or sad about the move, and she would just yell with rage, "I. AM. NOT. MAD!!!!!!" and other such statements with the words cut short and staccato-like. We hadn't seen this type of rage/fear/grief since our 2nd night with her in China. I am sure that she was scared we were leaving her. After all, every change of scenery she has ever experienced involved a change in caretaker. The last 2 nights have been fine, but please pray that she will know (subconsciously too) that she is with us forever.

Of all times, a big winter storm of snow and ice is predicted for Sunday through Tuesday. Because I only brought enough clothes for one week, I didn't pack gloves, heavy sweaters, or anything necessary for snow. And if ice causes the power to go out (as it has done in Birmingham before), we're really in trouble. It was 65 degrees the day I packed our bags for the poolhouse, so you can imagine what type of items I brought. And have I mentioned how livid we will be (and ALL of Bham) if loss of power happens on Monday night as Auburn (my alma mater) plays for the national championship??? Let's just not go there.

Thanks for all the sweet comments on Grace's coat and hat in the previous post. It's made by Corky and Company, and I found it online during a store's huge sale. (I can't recall the name of the boutique.) If you find one of the coats, don't pay full price because you can buy them for a lot less!!

In the next week, I hope to have some more news and a better timeline to bring Caroline home. I'll update soon!


Shonni said...

Isn’t it just the most wonderful thing to get updates on our waiting children!!! She looks so sweet.
We just received our state approval and are sending in our I800A and getting the last of our dossier ready to send....praying soon!!!!!!

Natalie said...

she is just PERFECT! yes, please no power outages...eeek!

Anonymous said...

congrates, she is one step closer to her forever family --Caroline is absolutely a beautiful girl. she would make a great big sister to Carter & Grace. oh, you have the most adorable children, I so in love with carter's curly hair & blue eyes and grace's sweet smile. they are precious!!!

Somewhere In The Sun said...

SO exciting!! She's just beautiful. I'm amazed that you got a video. What a wonderful blessing!
Have you watched the video Wo Ai Ni Mommy? I would highly recommend that you do. In my opinion it is certainly a lesson in what NOT to do (and it took me weeks to watch it because it was so painful) but I think it would be a benefit to you to see an older child adapting to her new life.

Hope you get moved in soon!


Katie said...

This is such a great update! It's so fun to get those little details about Caroline's favorite things and knowing that she's been introduced to English is a huge praise too! I'm so happy to know that she understands she is being adopted and moving to America, and that she is happy about it too.

Cindy said...

She is beautiful! She looks so sweet in the pictures. How awesome you got a video. I loved hearing how excited she was to come to America. The Lord is definitely preparing her heart. Good luck with the rest of the move.

Martha said...

Hey Kelley,

I'm Lindsey Smith's roommate and promised her I would introduce myself and comment on your blog. Your children are beautiful and I am so excited to read more about Caroline. Praying for her soon and safe arrival here in Birmingham!


Kim said...

Caroline is gorgeous! So excited for you all.
Secretly hoping you will be coming thru Hong Kong again and this time we can meet face to face!
And consider Grace covered in our prayers!
Love & Blessings,

Mandi said...

She is absolutely beautiful. She looks like such a little lady in those pictures compared to her referral picture. I am so happy for you and for her.

We are hoping and praying to be DTC next month (fingers crossed).

Ashley said...

Caroline is just beautiful. What a wonderful gift to have the new pictures as well as a video. Such a blessings!

And we are praying the power doesn't go out either. No BCS game? I just can't imagine!

Lindsey said...

Love the new pictures! Can't wait to see Caroline safe in the US...but until then, prayers for sure!

Margaret said...

Kelley and Scott-
It was so good to see you yesterday! The kids surely had fun. Caroline is absolutely beautiful and appears so mild mannered and sweet! What a wonderful big sis she will be to Carter and Grace. I pray your life gets back to normal soon.
Margaret (Grandmarna)

Shelley said...

Kelley, Caroline is so beautiful! As are your other two precious children. I will call you soon!
Love, shelley

Katie said...

what a gorgeous girl she is. i know you cannot wait to bring her into your family.

love the christmas card! love, katie

Julie said...

She is absolutely beautiful! Praying for your adoption journey.

The Hoppers said...

So wonderful! This post brought tears to my eyes! Praying for you and the family. You are such a blessing to me!

Carla said...

Oh she's beautiful!!! I need to show this to Sarah soon. :) I'm so HAPPY you got the update and video! It makes it so much easier for sure.

Unknown said...

She is beautiful and will be such a blessing to your family! Can't wait to hear things are moving forward and that you are DTC.

Amber said...

How is your new house? How was living in a pool house for over a week? I hope things are going well and you are getting settled!

waiting4lexi@gmail.com said...

What a beautiful growing family!! Can't wait to see God's plan for 2011!!!

Elissa said...

Oh my, Caroline is one of the most beautiful children I've ever seen! She sounds like a sweetie. What a gift that you have video and new pictures of her!

Hopped over here from RQ because we are almost on the same timeline (PA 10/20, DTC 2/11) for a 12 year old girl, and we have a 4 year old at home already. Fun to meet families like ours! I look forward to following your journey, which I hope speeds along!