One more week to order!!

Thank you so much for the towel orders and sweet emails thus far!! It's been so encouraging to read about your excitement in helping us bring Caroline home. We're excited about traveling as a family, knowing that it's the best thing for Grace and an amazing lesson for Carter. When asked what he'd say first to Caroline, he replied, "I'm your brother!!!" I think he "gets"adoption, and what a sweet moment he and Grace will experience on the day Caroline becomes a daughter and sister in our family. I also think Caroline will enjoy having siblings there in China to play with and care for.

Our fundraiser ends in one week. You can still order towels up until next Monday, April 4th. Just email me with your order and contact info. Put "Covered" in the subject line. And I'll respond with my address so you can send a check. The ladies of (Cover)ed are offering us over 50% of the proceeds to go toward our adoption expenses...what a huge blessing!

To browse your design options for your custom-hooded towel, click here.

My realistic goal is to have 40 towels sold, and my "dream" goal is 65. :) As of tonight, I have 26 towels on order. Will you please help me spread the word by posting the original post (click here) on your blog, Face*ook, Tw*tter, email? Thank you, thank you!!! And don't forget to enter for the free towel giveway by leaving a comment here or on the original post.

With blessings and gratitude,


Deann Scholl said...

Adorable towels! I am emailing you my order now! Maybe I will win one too :)

The Alexanders said...

Ahhhh, one week!! That means Baby Boy needs a name by then so I can get him a towel. Please, please remind me if I have not ordered by Sunday. I really want one and may just need to order without a name.

Katie Moore said...

Hey Kelley! It is Katie (Morris) Moore. I am so thankful to have found your blog and your story in time to support you by getting a few towels. I will be checking for updates and praying for your growing family. So great to "see" you and your beautiful children

my3 kids said...

Good Luck..i hope you have gotten many orders:)