Happy 1 Week, Carter!

Pictures of Carter one week from his birth:

We let him nap this morning with his arms free rather than swaddled. He loves to have his hands up by his face. We even have pictures of this position from our 4D ultrasound!

Carter in his bassinet at 7:30 am this morning...exactly one week since he was born.

Here is a video of Carter's first case of the hiccups outside the womb. He used to get them 3-4x a day when I was pregnant with him. They are so cute!

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Emily Chappell said...


Darby said...

Congrats Kelley! He is gorgeous!!

Kristy said...

I love the video. Hiccups in a child are my favorite--don't know why. :)

The Hamiltons said...

Kelley-I love these new pics! How cute that Carter's personality is already shining through.

Jill said...

Love the new pictures! He's already changing so quickly . . . I simply must see him soon! Let me know a good time to stop by! Kelly Mc J and I are bringing dinner over on the 20th, but that's way too long to wait!!!

Michelle said...

What a beautiful baby.

chbaker said...

Kelley- He is just beautiful. I am going to give ya'll some time, but and dying to squeeze that little bundle of joy.
carey Baker