Happy 4 Weeks, Carter!

Here are a few pictures I promised...

This picture reminds me a lot of a baby picture of my sister, Courtney.

He has recently become a fan of the paci. This has been especially helpful in soothing him, as we discovered he has acid reflux. He has just started taking Zantac, so we'll see how that goes. I really didn't want him to start medicines so young, but neither did I want his esophogas to become damaged. He doesn't seem to be in as much pain as he was several days ago, thank goodness!

The lighting isn't great in this picture, but he always looks so serious so I loved capturing more of his personality in this one.
Okay, back to serious.

I got this idea from several friends of photographing Carter every month next to this bear so we can compare his growth. (I know his pants look pretty high up...all of his pants are too big still!)

Happy 4 Weeks, Carter! We love you dearly!

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Jill said...

Love these, Kelley, especially the picture with the bear idea!

The 0-3 mo. pants I ordered arrived yesterday, so I need to get them to you!

Natalie said...

Oh goodness Bennett has reflux too! And we have him on Axid - it seems to help with the pain of spitting up, but not the actual amount of spit up. How is the Zantax working? Now we have even more to talk about, besides just having two boys the same age!

Natalie said...

Oh goodness and Bennett has that big bear too! :) the exact same one! haha