Adoption Update

The FedEx envelope just arrived, so all of our paperwork has now been authenticated by the Chinese Consulate in Houston. Hooray! This months-long process, known as the "paperchase," (and that's what it's felt like) is almost complete!

We'll probably send our dossier to China tomorrow, but I guess there's no rush given that the offices will be closed Oct. 1-8 for China National Day (which somehow lasts a week!). Sixty years ago on October 1st, the modern Peoples Republic of China was founded. 

Many of you have emailed to ask about the sweet 11-year-old that we were considering. (See Adoption Rollercoaster) I just heard on Monday that the family who was reviewing her file has decided to pursue adoption of this beautiful girl.  It was a tad bittersweet, but I am truly so happy that she has found a family. 

Because of China's holiday schedule, their next list of children's files will likely not be released until mid to late October. I am really hoping that we get matched this month, and I'm praying it's before October 24th - the twins' due date.  Thankfully, I was pregnant with Carter when our 2nd due date before him passed.  Otherwise, I think I would have been distraught. We recently passed the due date for the baby we lost in December, and I really don't want to pass another one without seeing a baby being in our family in the near future (which means next Spring or Summer, but that still seems near).  Until this past month when we changed directions, we had been trying for 13 months to achieve a healthy pregnancy. I never dreamed it would take so long to add a precious child to our family, but then I'm learning over and over that His ways are higher than our ways. And when it comes down to it, I am thankful for where He has us. I have had some precious time with Carter when I could give him undivided attention, and some ministry doors have opened that wouldn't be possible if I were caring for newborns.  It's just that loss still hurts, and hope still heals. So I'm hoping. :)

Thanks for caring so much about our journey, and I promise to keep you posted with any news or updates.  Your sweet messages, emails, and calls have been so uplifting and affirming. Thank you!

Much love,

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Natalie said...

how exciting!

my good friend leighton is in your bible study - take good care of her! she left ours when she moved to bham...and we miss her! i was excited when she told me about yours though, im sure you are an amazing teacher :)

Katie said...

I am thrilled for you. And can't wait to read each update you post! Know that so many of your extended "girlfriends" network are praying for you and are excited for you. Call me soon - I would love to chat!

JJ said...

Yes, the holiday is crazy over here. The anniversary fell the same week as the mid autumn festival so they all have a long long break. I love reading these updates, I am so curious! Love you!