CIS Approval!!

We're long overdue for an adoption update, as many of you have asked for the latest information. For the past couple of months, we have just been waiting and waiting for our homestudy and paperwork to be reviewed at the state and national level. On Friday, we got a packet in the mail... our CIS approval from homeland security!! Yahoo!!

I put Carter in the car and raced up to Lifeline (our adoption agency) to have a copy of the form notarized. Then we drove over to the Jefferson County Courthouse to pick up the notary verification. Then we headed back over to Lifeline for Karla to overnight our dossier to Montgomery, where the Secretary of State will review and certify our information. We should get everything back by Tuesday. And I will then need to use a courier to take our dossier to the Chinese Consulate in Houston for authentication. THEN....finally........our dossier will be on its way to CHINA!!!!!!!!

It's taken us nearly 11 months to finish this whole process. (I'll post the timeline at some point for those of you who want more info on what's involved.) So it's such a relief and rush of excitement to be close to getting our LID (log-in date). Once our dossier is translated and logged in, we will officially be on the waiting list. How long is the wait now, you say? Hmm...that's actually another whole story that's worth an entire post. But I'll save that for tomorrow.

My husband and son (and dog) are all asleep, so I'm off to get some shut-eye as well.

Happy Sunday napping!

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Brittany said...

Yeah!!!! One step closer to Virginia Grace!!! So happy for you guys! :) keep us all posted on the timeline!!

Melissa said...

Hooray!! Praise the Lord! Can't wait to hear more details.

JJ said...

Another step closer. I would have a fit if ya'll got to come while we are here. I'm sure you'll give us another timeline update soon! I think I would like to bring one of them home with me too, how difficult might that be!? haha. Chatting for that little girl who will be yours one day! oh, any house updates?

The Hamiltons said...

wonderful news! keep us posted kelley!