16 Months Old but Still Thousands of Miles from Our Arms

Sweet Grace,
Today you're 16 months old! It's so hard to believe. Our last update and pictures of you are from 11 months, so I imagine that you're taller now with longer hair. You probably have more teeth. You may be walking steadily by now. I'm sure you've add a few new words to your vocabulary.   

It's also hard to imagine that you don't even know we exist.  Right now, your foster parents are family as you know it.  Though we've been waiting for you to come home for over 5 months, you aren't waiting for anyone. In your mind, you are home.  Pretty soon, your world is going to be shaken upside down, and I know that will be very difficult and emotional. So I want you to know that your daddy, brother and I pray daily for your transition.  And while you don't even know us yet, we love you more than we imagined possible without ever laying eyes on you in person.  Your momma is driving everyone crazy as she anxiously waits for that special notice to jump on a plane to China.  Our bags and suitcases are packed, and we are ready to come pick you up and welcome you into our arms and family.

We initially believed we would be with you by now. I even made you an Easter dress. But some matters are out of our control. Just know that I am fighting every way I can to get to you as soon as possible.  In the meantime, God is with you every second. And the idea that He can look down on you and on us, all in one glance, brings comfort that we are united in ways we can't see.  And our amazing Lord is going to draw us together at just the right moment.  (And sweet child, you'll learn that Mommy writes these things down because she has to remind herself!) 

We love you and pray that we'll reach you before you turn 17 months.  In the meantime, we celebrate your life and look forward to holding you in our arms. 



The Hamiltons said...

Could be any day now....I'm hoping that it is. Can't wait to see new pictures of her and hear all about your journey to bring her home!

By God's Design said...

Anxiously waiting, hoping, praying here, too!

Somewhere In The Sun said...

Hoping and praying that you will be holding her soon!


Unknown said...

I am anxiously waiting with you. Can't wait to see a post that starts TA!!! Praying for this to come quickly.
(Emily's mom)

GLS said...

Praying you get that TA soon...it just has to be on its way!! Grace will be in your arms before you know it - I can't wait to those first pictures of you all with her!